Wasp Nano RDA Pro


The WASP NANO RDA PRO edition features a fashionable color scheme and an optimized exterior design while being tiny and portable in size.Retaining the RDA V1’s single coil deck building style, with extra airflow holes and adjustable ways, provides you with a variety of vaping experiences.

Brand: Oumier.

Colors: black, silver, gold, blue, cyan, pink.

Atomizer Weight: 20.5 grams.

Size: 23.5mm x 28mm.

Single coil, BF pin.

Adjustable airflow system and 810 drip tip.

360 Degree Adjustable airflow

Replaceable 810 drip tip.

Convenient single coil construction and stylish color options.


The Wasp Nano RDA Pro by Oumier is an upgraded version of the popular Wasp atomizer. This RDA is designed to be used with a single coil and provides an amazing flavor and vapor production experience. The Wasp Nano RDA Pro is compact and attractive, measuring 23.5 millimeters in diameter and 28 millimeters in height, and comes in a variety of colors.

One of this atomizer’s most notable characteristics is its user-friendly mounting plate, which allows for simple coil setup. Whether you’re an expert vaper or new to the world of repairable atomizers, the Wasp Nano RDA Pro provides excellent simplicity of use and performance.

Another notable feature of this atomizer is its 360-degree adjustable airflow. You may modify the airflow to your specific preferences, allowing you to have a vaping experience that is absolutely unique to you.

The Oumier Wasp Nano RDA Pro is the ideal choice if you want to enhance your vaping setup at a low cost while maintaining quality. With its high performance, stylish appearance, and adjustable airflow, this serviceable atomizer provides everything you need for a pleasurable and flavorful vaping experience.


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