Geek Vape Peerless RDA


Peerless RDA Features and specs:

Including Drip Tip and Threads: 1-7/16″ x 15/16″

Gold-plated 510 contact pin, 24mm diameter, unique build deck.

Designed for Standard and Complex Coil Builds

Additional Post Hole for Multiple Coil Builds

Made for Single and Dual Coil Builds

Special Split Bridge Post Design Creates Open Liquid Chamber for More Wicking Surface

Nine-hole adjustable side airflow

Wide Bore Drip Tip with Extra Top Cap and Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin for Squonker Mods


Peerless RDA by Geekvape.

The Peerless RDA is a new release from Geekvape. This atomizer is 24mm in diameter and has a Split Bridge Post design, completely adjustable airflow for multiple and single coil designs, and a large juice well. The kit also contains a Bottom Feed Pin. So, let us take a closer look and discover what it has to offer you!

Peerless RDA features

Dimensions: 24mm diameter, 32mm height, and 510mm length. Threaded Unique Build Deck: Designed for both standard and complex coil builds.

Additional post holes to support a wide range of coil builds.

Designed for single and dual coil builds.

Special Split Bridge Post Design.

Nine-Hole Adjustable Side Airflow System

What’s inside the box?

1 X GeekVape Peerless RDA

Includes one spare wide bore top cap for use with wide bore drip tips.

Includes a Bottom Feeding Squonker Pin for Squonker Style Mods.

Peerless RDA Style and build quality.

The overall build quality of the Peerless is excellent, and the design is appealing. It is made of aluminum, making it lightweight, and it comes in a variety of color anodized treatments. I received the black version for review and couldn’t see anything wrong with the finish.

The Peerless RDA is 24mm in diameter and will look well on most devices. The gold-plated deck, base, and 510 pin are really impressive, especially given the inexpensive price of this RDA. The deck has a unique split bridge post design, and the juice well is huge.

The Peerless has a pre-installed integrated AFC and a sloping Delrin drip tip. It is painted in a yellow Ultem style with a glossy finish. If you prefer not to use it, you may swap it out for the second included AFC, which has a removable wide bore Delrin drip tip. If you already have a Kennedy or Goon drip tip, this part will easily accept it. Logos are kept to a minimal on this RDA, with only “Peerless” gently inscribed on one side, which is well done.

In addition, because this RDA includes a bottom feed pin, it may be configured to function with a squonking device.


The Peerless provides lots of ventilation. In some ways, it mimics the old Mutation X style. There are nine staggered holes on each side that can be closed off in stages based on your preference. The airflow accommodates both single and twin coil setups. When fully opened, it is incredibly airy and designed for direct lung inhalation. When you start to block the airflow, it provides a restrictive lung inhale style of vaping.

Easy to use.

The post holes require some getting used to, as there are two slots at the top for thinner wire and larger holes at the bottom for heavier wire. The screw goes all the way through, allowing you to grab hold of two coils at once. To be honest, it felt a little fiddly in comparison to something more easy, like my Kennedy and Goon. The bottom of the screw is likewise rounded, which caused my coil tails to drop out. In some ways, the design is overly complicated, yet it appears to be intended to provide extra wicking space.

I started with a single Clapton coil design to see how the Peerless vaped with that configuration, but eventually switched to a two coil 26 gauge twisted wire build.

Given the size of the juice well, you won’t have to replace it as frequently as other RDAs. The good news is that because this RDA does not have bottom airflow, you are unlikely to wind up with a leaky mess.


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