ThunderHead Creations Blaze Solo RTA


Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA Features

Specifications: 26mm diameter, SS material, 2ml vape juice capacity, and dual coil setup.

Features include a top filling mechanism, a dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system, a leak-proof design from top to bottom, an innovative “WOW” build deck with a unique form, an airflow ring, and 810 drip tips.


Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA

Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA was a special request from our dedicated vaping community. Landed with LOV at an incredible price for an excellent RTA designed in collaboration with Mike Vapes.Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA boasts a diameter of 26mm, a 2ml vape juice capacity, and a bubble glass for serious vapers, which, along with its dual coil layout and creative “WOW” build deck, allows for a powerful vaping and flavor experience.

The top-to-bottom leak-proof deck, along with the dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system, allows you to ventilate around the Clapton coil if desired.With its customizable airflow flow, the flavour is elevated to a new level, producing a powerful cloud. It is made of stainless steel and has a capacity for 2ml of e-liquid. It can be filled from the top.I know I’ve mentioned this in other reviews, but I really enjoy the packaging with the clear window that allows you to see the tank or gadget within before it’s opened.

The Blaze RTA comes in a black two-part box with a clear window and the Blaze name in gold letters across the top. It was designed in collaboration with Thunderhead Creations and Mike Vapes, as noted near the bottom in gold letters.

The reverse of the box has the THC and Mike Vapes names at the top, followed by a contents list in the center and a link to the website toward the bottom. I assume they don’t want us to forget that it was developed by Mike Vapes and made by Thunderhead Creations, as it’s printed again near the bottom of the box.

The names are also on the sides of the box, but I will not display images of them. The branding on the box seems needless and excessive to me. I’m just glad they didn’t do anything similar to the tank itself. It is printed on the bottom of the tank base, although it is not visible when mounted on a mod.


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